Fielding Graduate University, PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, Santa Barbara, CA
Doctor of Philosophy in Human and Organizational Systems

Throughout the world, organizations and businesses are seeking strategic advice on their development. The field of organizational systems grew out of those questions:

How do we build great organizations?
How can we help people in those organizations develop their potential?
How will we maximize the relationship of people and organizations to the changing business, social, and political climate?
How do we develop the structures, processes and leadership that help organizations thrive in the face of today’s challenging environment?

Your experience and current knowledge can combine with the research, theory and practice within this PhD program to provide the answers to these and other complex questions presented by our global organizations.

Together with the faculty, you and your fellow students create a vibrant, collegial interchange that infuses our learning community with new ideas and enthusiasm. As students and later as alumni, this community constitutes a highly experienced professional network that operates at a level unparalleled in any other graduate school:

Maintain your own local community while learning with people who work in a wide range of organizations or in private consulting practices in organization development, human resources, or training in the corporate, government or non-profit sectors.

Engage with a global student group living on every continent with backgrounds in corporate HR and training, management, healthcare, information technology, university teaching and coaching.

Study with leading faculty mentors who bring experiential and academic knowledge from management, systems, philosophy, sociology and psychology to the mix.
Network with professionally recognized alumni who lead organizations, write about them, and teach others how to build them.
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