Phillips Graduate Institute, PsyD in Organizational Consulting, Encino, CA
Doctor of Psychology in Organizational Consulting

Program Overview

The Organizational Consulting PsyD Program is designed to enhance the personal and professional skills of consultants, managers, and leaders. Organizations, large and small, for-profit and non-profit, are increasingly using people with behavioral science education and training to address a wide range of human systems-related issues in the workplace. The application of psychology to business is a booming and expanding field, and the focus of PGI’s program is to educate and train consultants ready to meet the challenges of organizations in the 21st century. As such, our program focuses on training students to become consultants, and members of organizations where people continually expand their capacity to create desired results, and where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured. Students acquire the management and consulting expertise, leadership skills, and critical business perspectives to enhance their careers and make a significant impact at the individual, group, and organizational level.

Founded on PGI’s core values of appreciation for diversity, integrity, the challenge to grow and develop, collaborative involvement, and contribution to positive social change, the OC Program applies PGI’s systemic philosophy to organizational and social change. Building on three decades of research and experience in human relations, the OC Program integrates human dynamics with contemporary business practice. Like other Phillips programs, the OC Program emphasizes a three-dimensional approach to learning. Students participate in an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines academic instruction, hands-on application, and personal and professional development.

Program Outcomes

Our Organizational Consulting program focuses on leadership, problem solving, team building, and change management skills and strategies as students:

*Learn to be more effective consultants or managers, able to understand and coordinate diverse activities and perspectives within a multicultural, global society
*Learn the latest frameworks for making sound business decisions with a systemic focus
*Find ways to challenge personal and organizational paradigms, and implement and sustain positive change
*Develop a management toolkit that can immediately be applied in the work setting
*Gain hands-on experience in team leadership and team membership and learn to integrate differing opinions and personalities for positive outcomes
*Explore emerging trends as they relate to students’ professional practice, using the systematic process of action research as a mode of inquiry for seeking resolution and/or response to organizational challenges
*Are supported and challenged by faculty who are experienced in organizational leadership and current management research, are adept at leading an executive classroom, and are sought-after as consultants to leading organizations
*Network and learn with fellow students representing a variety of industries, functions, and organizations, and whose diverse experiences contribute to an atmosphere of vibrant information exchange.

Our graduates are knowledgeable in concepts and theories of diversity, strategic change, global business, communications management, action research, entrepreneurship, and leadership. They are able to assess, analyze, develop, and implement creative solutions, and to be agents of change for individuals and organizations.
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